Bethesda to hold E3 Press Conference

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We’re use to seeing only the biggest companies put on an E3 press conference, but this year we’re going to be seeing a brand new company throw on its own E3 press conference – Bethesda.

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Persona 5 gets a new trailer

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It’s been a pretty long time since any news has come out about Persona 5. The last bit of news we got was that the game would come out for both PS3 and PS4, as well as a confirmed release for North America (although, with no release date). After a 36 hour live stream done by Atlus though, we have been graced with a new trailer for Persona 5!

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Review – Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis

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The story-driven adventure game is a genre that I would never have guessed would take off. Telltale’s The Walking Dead felt like a one-off game, or at least a genre that only Telltale would stick with. That is until the huge success of these games started hitting, and now story-driven adventure games may start to see much more of a limelight. One of the first major publishers to tackle this genre that is not Telltale is Square Enix, with the release of the first episode of Life is Strange, a game that establishes what can be a great story, but not without its hiccups.

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