Metal Gear Solid V’s PC disc contains a 8.78MB Steam installer, no game files

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Konami has not been on most people’s good side recently – their treatment of Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions, the reports coming out about how toxic of a work environment Konami is, as well as the company looking like they are moving completely away from games to focus on their health clubs in Japan and pachinko machines.

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Grow Home, Twisted Metal Headline PS Plus’ Free Games for September 2015

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Earlier in the month, PlayStation had the “Vote to Play Campaign” – a poll that allowed PlayStation Plus users to choose from Grow Home, Armello, or Zombie Vikings to be one of the free PlayStation Plus games for September. It seems that PlayStation Plus users’ voices have been heard, as Grow Home will be one of the headlining free games for PlayStation Plus this month.

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REVIEW – Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

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Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture opens up in a very promising way. You are engulfed by a beautiful view of the British countryside, a very intriguing story starts to unfold in front of you – you are stranded in this beautiful, haunting world simply wondering; what has happened here? It’s once you start to delve into Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture that things start to fall apart though with a surprisingly weak story, paper-thin characters, and an ending that leaves much more to be desired.

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