Final Fantasy VII Remake Will be Fully Voiced

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There has been lots of news about the Final Fantasy VII Remake in the recent weeks, whether it be good or bad. News of the game being a “multi-part series” and that the game’s development being aided with the help of CyberConnect2 – known for the .hack and Naruto games – there has been quite a lot of news that has tempered fan expectations. One more news story that will most likely have fans divided is that Final Fantasy VII Remake will feature full voice acting.

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Here are the Upcoming Xbox One Backwards-Compatible Games [DECEMBER 2015]

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Editor’s note – This post is from December, 2015 and is not up to date with the newest Xbox 360 games playable on Xbox One. The original story follows:

Back in November, Microsoft made the Xbox One backwards-compatible with over a hundred Xbox 360 games, with the promise that more games would be continuously added to the list of compatible games. Microsoft has made good on this promise, with Major Nelson announcing the next 16 Xbox 360 games that will be playable on Xbox One.

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