Review – NIER


“Nothing is as it seems…”

Everyone has that one game that they go through the effort of going through their closets, finding an old console, and plugging it in just to play one more time. I do this incredibly often with my Xbox 360 and NIER.

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CLANNAD localization Kickstarter by Sekai Project now online

The Kickstarter for Sekai Project’s English localization of Key’s famous visual novel, CLANNAD, is now up and ready to be backed. 

After losing his mother in a car accident and subsequently falling victim to an abusive, alcoholic father, Tomoya Okazaki is an emotionally-distant delinquent student at Hikarizaka Private High School. On his way to school, he meets a strange young girl, Nagisa Furukawa, who is repeating the year due to a severe illness. From their brief encounter, she decides that they are friends and enlists his help in order to revive their school’s drama club. With not much more to do, he cooperates with her, making friends with many of the students and learning about the different problems that they face…

– From Sekai Project’s Kickstarter page

Review – Dangan Ronpa 2: Goodbye Despair


Welcome to Dangan Island ! (also known as Jabberwock Island) Here, sixteen students find themselves trapped and forced to play through a heart-throbbing school trip of love and friendship! Will they be able to escape the island of hope? Only if they successfully find love and make friends with each other! Because killing is totally awful and should definitely not happen!

And it was turning into a heart-throbbing school trip, that is, until Monokuma got himself involved again.

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